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Technology research and development

Our technical experts can be based on your 2D and 3D data as a design basis, or according to your drawing or sample traditional system Made as 2D and 3D data in most formats of electronic communication.
Our technical experts to carry out efficient data management, and in the early stages of development to determine the best product design and functionality Can, of course, its mass is readily available.

Persistence Leads to Success,Exquiste Process,Breakthrough Te-chnology

oore,improvecontinuously,JinHan Mould has trained the professional technology personnel with rich
experience,to provide the powerful technology support for ensuring the unique and advance production

process,excellent and reliable produots quality.

To meet the requirements of the market, JinHan Mould Long-term cooperation with Europe well-know

technology deslgn centers innovate mould production process at home and abroad, gainsthe targe customer groups as high standard and high quality to expand its market share.

Development Design Manufacture

Mould flow analysis

JIN HAN MOULD and our European Partners Provided the world well-know Mould flow analysis software

Application mold flow analysis techniques can help our technicians intuitive analysis the flowing and solidification of the melt  inside the cavitys,Befote the actua experiment,we can Forecast the casting possbile defect and size and location,Effectively shorten the trial period,Reduce production cost,provide competitiveness of enterprises

Overall 3D design

JINHAN MOULD has been successfully apply some special technology:Such as aluminum liquid processing technology,Vacuum die casting technology,Local compression technology,Ultra point cooling techno1ogy etc.